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Sustainability, credibility and honesty at companies affect people and the natural world more than ever now. So protecting the environment is part of our corporate philosophy. We can only maintain a world where life is worth living for the generations of tomorrow if we act responsibly now. ALUFORM is committed to this long-term perspective.

Green thinking and a pro-active approach ÔÇô ALUFORM invests in the future

  1. ALUFORM manufactures its products by paying the greatest possible attention to the environment and is constantly working on improving its manufacturing technologies.
  2. The facade covering for a new production facility at the Bernsdorf business site consists of aluminium sandwich elements and meets all the requirements registered in the German Energy Conservation Regulations for Buildings 2009.
  3. The use of standing seam profiles with unformed silicon thin-layer laminates on a roof measuring 3,200 m2 means that solar energy is used efficiently.
  4. The installed AluSolar solar panel roof system feeds energy into the grid and generates 100,000 kWh per annum.
  5. Approx. 85 % of the heat required by the factory is produced by a newly constructed biogas combined heat and power plant. This enables ALUFORM to reduce its CO2 emissions by 500 tonnes per annum.

Ecological building plus generating renewable energy

  1. ALUFORM products are environmentally friendly and are 100% recyclable at the end of their lifecycle.
  2. Approx. 95 % of energy is saved by recycling aluminium.
  3. ALUFORM products and their long serviceable life support sustainable building for industry, offices and residential property.
  4. ALUFORM products, like roof-integrated solar power solutions, are an ingenious combination for building in an environmentally-friendly way and saving resources.
  5. As a responsible partner for architects, planners and installation companies, ALUFORM represents forward-looking building.

ALUFORM Goes Green: Invest and Build with a Sense of Responsibility for the Future

Sustainable thinking in architecture and the building industry is a milestone towards acting in a responsible way. ALUFORM products provide architects and planners creative space for modern architectural design and environmentally friendly, energy saving solutions.


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