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Know-How & Technical Equipment

Since the 1960s, Aluform's profiled aluminium panels have been reliable front-runners, a market success in industrial and commerical construction as well as a component of complete design, and are now excelling in other areas of the construction industry.

The deciding breakthrough for the profiled aluminium panels is attributed to the development of cold forming and efficient roll forming. The surface-treated coil is processed step-by-step - quickly and precisely - through a number of rolling machines to give it its final shape. The load-bearing parameters as well as aesthetic factors determine the shape. The successful combination of both characteristics form the basis for a competitive product.

We are dealing with strictly defined geometric architecture. With our extensive knowledge, we manufacture products with optimal load-bearing capacity and economic efficiency that guarantees the product's viability. Thanks to a sophisticated manufacturing technology, we manufacture a product that meets the highest quality standards regarding panel geometry, surface finish and material performance. When properly installed, our products provide buildings with durability and longevity.

Profiled aluminium panels are the starting point for a construction method characterized by its load-bearing function and economic efficiency combined with additional performance attributes such as aesthetics, functionality, low maintenance and durability.

Besides the the load-bearing capacity, the functionality of the overall design concept plays a crucial role in roof and wall applications. In this case, it is necessary to work with the suitable material combinations. This requires not only the knowledge that different materials are necessary to meet the performance demands, but also the knowledge of which materials are necessary to meet the performance demands. The aluminium profiled sheets can be applied anywhere when factors such as corrosion resistance, aesthetics and lightness play a specific role.


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