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Aluform System-Technik GmbH is based out of Bernsdorf (near Dresden) and emerged from The United Aluminium Plants Association Berlin/Bonn. For over 40 years, Aluform System-Technik GmbH has manufactured its proven-quality aluminium systems for architectural use.

Core business:

Roll forming and bending of profiled panels for facade, roof and ceiling elements.


The acquisition by VAW Bonn lead to the name change of "Aluform System-Technik GmbH." At that time, the 175 employees specialized in the sale of window productions. Additionally, further investments into the sandwich system production facility and the construction of the roll formers were made.


After the Berlin Wall fell, the company's name changed to "Bernsdorfer Bauelemente GmbH." At the same time, the production of interior doors was discontinued.


Introduction of aluminium sandwich panels.


Expropriation. With the production of windows and interior doors, the company comprised 365 employees and 30 apprentices.


The company was founded as a building material business. With the production of wooden homes and sheds, up to 1,000 staff were employed.


Peter Mesman

Sales Director Export

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Aluform System GmbH & Co. KG Peter Mesman Dresdener Stra├če 15 02994 Bernsdorf Deutschland +49 (0) 35723 99 217

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