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  • Project Consulting

    Quality products and customer satisfaction is top priority at everything we do. With our attractive prices, constantly high quality, flexibility, and comprehensive service - even with challenging requests - Aluform belongs to the leading European aluminium profiled sheet manufacturers.

    As a special service, a qualified Aluform installation team is directly available on site or at your factory to give first-hand instructions. Our goal is to fulfill the principle of "one stop shopping" which we accomplish by providing our customers with comprehensive service, efficiency and competency. We pay attention to details so that every project turns out perfectly.

  • Planning Services

    Aluform offers various consultation services for planning and constructional requirements of projects. This includes determining the allowable spans between supports depending on the load-bearing capacity of the profiled panels and connecting devices, and calculating statistically exceptional cases (cantilever calculations).

    Additionally, calculations of the wind -and snow loads on buildings can be provided. Installation plans and CAD drawings are generated quickly and efficient.

  • Formats for specifying

    For smooth cooperation with architects, contractors and installers, ALUFORM offers formats for specifications, which are available online at Additionally, a broad technical portfolio provides all necessary approvals, detailed drawings and product descriptions required for the planning.

    All detailed drawings can be found at our LOGIN area, can be ordered on CD or as a technical portfolio.

  • Static Calculations

    As part of our complete project management services, Aluform can also manage the engineering of design proposals for technical installation details.

  • Contract Manufacturing

    Aluform profiled panels can be coated with anti-drumming or anti-condensation coating. Applying anti-condensation coating on profiled panels is a custom service offered by Aluform. We can process profiled sheets with a height of 85 mm and panel width of 1100 mm.

    The maximum length for coating aluminium profiled sheets is 20 meters, and the maximum length for coating steel profiled sheets is 10 meters.

    Our machinery comprises:

    • Wide and narrow strip roll formers
    • Cambering and chamfering units
    • Mobile narrow strip roll formers
    • Mobile cambering unit
    • Traverse part systems
    • Bending presses for up to 6 meters

  • Metal Sheet Forming

    Metal sheet forming takes place with shears or, more specifically, bending presses, with a length of 4 and 6 meters. Edge radii are possible of 3 or 4 mm. Aluminium or steel plates with a thickness of up to 2 mm can be processed on our machines. Thicker gauges are to be tested first. Besides our chamfering operations, we also carry out mitre cuts on custom material.


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