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Curved Profiled Panels

Extraordinary looks ÔÇô exceptional and sophisticated detailed solutions. Profiled aluminium panels can be installed vertically, horizontally and diagonally, offering unlimited design possibilities with shape and colour variations. Architects' creativity is limitless with the use of trapezoidal and sinusoidal panels combined with our extensive range of accessories.

Already manufactured for more than four decades, the long-proven Aluform Systems were complemented through old and new shape-forming methods to create interesting design features. An up-to-date Aluform System provides the designing architects and contractors with the opportunity to carry out aesthetically friendly detailed solutions, which eventually also prove to be beneficial to the developer.

  • Aluform Arc (Groko)

    During this process, either the upper or the lower belt of the lengthwise-shaped profiled panels is painted in the milling or coil coating process and curved perpendicular to the profile direction so the profiled panels achieve the specified radius curvature. The radii vary from 160 to 3,500 mm.

    To achieve visually satisfactory curvature results, it is necessary to vary the bend angle. Through this controlled curving process taking place in the machinery, accessories are developed which enable rounding off of upper facade finishes according to profile, cladding band bridges into desired shapes, horizontally fitting facades with curved corners and integrating supporting structures into the wall cladding.

  • Emboss

    What was once only possible with the help of great technical efforts - such as the rounding of corners or cladding of curved roof surfaces - is now possible with the application of industrial prefabrication, helping modern design and efficient building practices create economic solutions.

    The future trend in architecture points towards more creativity as well as designing attractive large-scale buildings.


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