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Aluminium Cassette

The lengthwise-shaped Aluform cassettes allow buildings to be weather resistant in a simple, durable way. At the same time, the visual appearance can be influenced in a variety of ways through colouring and surface texture according to customer specification.

Aluminium cassette panels provide a long lasting shell to architectally distinctive fa├žades Cover widths up to 1,000 mm are possible. The cassettes are installed using conventional, visible system substructures such as suspension bolts or holding slots. Special profile systems also allow a concealed fixing to be used.

Advantages that will convince every architect, installer and contractor are:

  • lightweight
  • good processing characteristics
  • high thermal reflection in summer
  • corrosion resistant under normal weather conditions
  • non-combustibility
  • maintenance-free

The easy to install substructure made of light aluminium profiles allows cladding of facades up to 100 m high. Additionally, the walls can be fitted with thermal insulation before installation to save energy.

Regardless the season, Aluform cassettes can be installed quickly, easy and at low cost. Depending on the project, the covering widths can vary between 365 and 500 mm . Since the cassettes are manufactured with the use of roll forming machines, longer lengths are also an option. This allows for facade designs without disturbing diagonal joints.


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