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Aluminium Sandwich Systems ALUTHERM®

Due to their high-contrast surfaces, Aluform's sandwich elements not only emphasize the technical nature of the metal, but also the resulting surfaces, lines and angles, all of which take up the square and rectangular shapes of architecture and create accents. The aluminium sandwich elements are versatile and energy efficient.

Advantages of ALUTHERM® Sandwich Systems:

  • very low weight and easy installation
  • no cut and span corrosion during production
  • long lifespan through the use of corrosion-resistant aluminium
  • can be installed regardless of weather conditions

ALUTHERM® is a high-quality product from Aluform System GmbH & Co. KG and is subject to ongoing mandatory state-run monitoring conducted by independent institutions. The sandwich elements are primarily utilized for industrial, agricultural and commercial buildings.

The sandwich elements combine the characteristics of corrosion resistance, the low weight of aluminium and the high load-bearing capacity of the trapezoidal profiles with the excellent heat-insulating ability of the rigid polyurethane foam. ALUTHERM® elements are light weight Alu/Alu Sandwich elements with rigid polyurethane foam used in the supporting core construction. Alutherm complies with DIN 4102 regulations and is classified as Group B1- flame-resistant building material.


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Aluform System GmbH & Co. KG Dresdener Stra├če 15 02994 Bernsdorf Deutschland

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