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Worldwide mobile roll forming

High-quality products and efficient project management form the basis for profitable partnerships. Supplementary to the Aluform roll former, a mobile expanding machine is available as well, where FalzRipp® and AluDeck® profiled panels can be chamfered on-site.

To use the mobile aluminium seam roll former and mobile expanding machine on-site, sufficient space must be available. Qualified staff is provided on-site for operating the machines. Additionally, the contractors will provide support and assembly personnel for the production of various lengths of aluminium seam profiles.

FalzRipp® thermoclip

On this video you can observe the warming-up of two different standing seam clips:
On the left a traditional thermoclip and on the right our revolutionary, patented FalzRipp® thermoclip. The movie (filmed with infra-red camera) shows very clearly that our patented FalzRipp® thermoclip hardly transfers any heat whereas the traditional thermoclip rapidly starts transferring the heat from below.

This heat transferring will result in higher heating costs in the winter and higher cooling costs (airconditioning) in summer. Besides these financial consequences, this effect also enlarges the carbon footprint of the building and has a negative impact on potential LEED certification.

Mobile curving

High-end products and superior projectmanagement are the basis for profitable partnerships. In addition to the mobile rollformer we also have a mobile curving machine available. Our FalzRipp® and AluDeck® sheets can be easily curved on the construction site with this machine.To use both machines on the construction site, sufficient space has to be available. The machines will be operated by our own, highly skilled staff.

Please contact our area managers for more detailed information. They are happy to assist you at any time.


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Aluform System GmbH & Co. KG Dresdener Stra├če 15 02994 Bernsdorf Deutschland

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